Style and Witt

Sotd: no justice – post malone. Literally the most fire thing I’ve ever heard. So after I found a copy of “congratulations” from his new mixtape stoney I was on a post binge, then this comes up on my playlist. I’m 98% sure it’s not real and just some other artist fronting but it’s so damn good. The comments were disabled and I couldn’t find the lyrics online so I have no idea the actual name of it. 

Let’s talk about passions and hobbies. It kinda relates to this thing were Redbeard or someone was doing an interview and in the comments someone was like “how the hell does this guy just keep talking”. I’ve been watching a few interviews lately with buffet and a few others because I may as well be using my YouTube time productively. Anyway they can just talk for hours on a multitude of topics. 

This morning I was watching some Vainglory world’s stuff and Jesus christ. Usually I just watch Europe and North America stuff but this was another class. The south Korean teams literally tore through every other team. A game that normally takes 20 minutes was ironed out in 10. Now I should probably say Vainglory is like league of legends but for mobile devices and kindling just starting out but it’s getting pretty big – like the world championships were held at the TCL Chinese theatre where quite a lot of the Hollywood premieres are. 

Even just watching the NA teams step up to the challenge and play the best they ever have was cool as hell. 

I’m not totally sure the two ideas come together but there’s a link and I’m sure poets would find it. 


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