Old Thots

Sotd: stereo hearts – gym class heroes. 

Got the chemistry back today and thankfully my mistakes weren’t really gaps in knowledge just niggly technicalities but the whole thing kinda rattled me. 

My unique selling point was that I did good in tests, now everyone else is knuckling up I’m still doing well but it’s less distinguishable, I’m going have to do a “pivot” and do something else. 

The question is what? What do I do to set me apart from the crowd. There’s two kinda schools of thought about this. One is start to specialize and get as good as you can at one thing early on or otherwise diversify and be a jack of all trades – master of none. I suppose society and out parents tell us to specialize but I have a jiggling feeling that diversifying is what will win it. Red beard talks about going where your unfair advantages are. Specializing isn’t really an unfair advantage for me, I get bored easily and don’t actually reach a very high pinnacle, diversifying seems more fun and good. 

Then there’s the problem of just giving up on things too easily under the guise of trying to learn a lot of different stuff. Even in reading stuff like books, I’ve dropped a bunch of pretty good books in favor of others under the premise that I needed to read different subjects but then I procrastinate on that and less gets done. 

There’s a lot said about only competing against yourself but the way I’ve been brought up (probably stupidly) I don’t really focus on personal gains and more on comparing myself to others. It should probably be the other way round but who knows, maybe a little paranoia will help me out in the long run. 


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