Big and Little

Sotd: hand of God – Jon bellion. After weeks of suffering from a one eared pair of headphones now I have a working pair it’s rubbish now because I seem to have forgot that headphones are meant to be working in both ears. 

The title was meant to be little and big but I suppose big little rolls off the tongue a little better. 

I was a little late coming out of school and ended up waiting 20 minutes for the next one. A little late made a big late (beautiful example – tbh I’m just salty because that’s put a spanner in the works for me. 

My friend was talking today about some program he’s doing which basically gives you a bunch of options for work experience and the such and it literally takes 3 minutes to sign up but the returns are huge, work experiences and things that can be huge for life. 

I’ve been thinking recently about personal statements and what to actually write to set myself apart. It’s kinda like my application to carphone but less jokey and more substance. 

One thing I think I’ll write about is just doing a little everyday. I’ve done it through the cold showers. I’m doing 10 or so minutes of piano a day and crushing out a piece every month or so. I attempt to do a handstand every day and I’m getting pretty damn close. I’ve got my cold showers and read something I need everyday. I wouldn’t say I revise everyday but I’ve a system of flashcards that I do everyday that keep me topped up. It’s about doing the little things day in and day out that lead to big rewards. I’ve chatted about this blog which is tiny little investments adding up. 

Like Einstein said (and I read yesterday night) the greatest wonder if mathematics was the compounding effect and how it seems to take a while then gets really big really fast. It’s like power versus force which is a really old blog post but talked about sustained effort over time as opposed to a little burst of effort. 


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