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There is a fear that in trying to become a jack of all trades I become master of none. As someone clever says good is the enemy of the great or something like that which basically means people who are somewhat naturally gifted are usually complacent or even people who have worked for a bit eventually give up and rest on their laurels even when they havent done much work. 

I had this thought last night. I tried out a Martin seligman strength test which was apparently meant to tell me what I should spend the rest of my life doing but is actually a bunch of personality tests. It asks whether or not I engage with the work I do everyday and yeah I clicked a solid yes. But last night as I tried to cram in the last few pages of “a random walk down wall street” well actually it wasn’t really like that, someone else has borrowed the book so I couldn’t renew it so I had a few hours to extract whatever I could from the rest of the book in the hours I had left. 

I realised that I hadn’t actually finished it, from there I branched off to other things. I’ve been trying to brush my teeth with my left hand but honestly I’ve just forgotten about it until this morning. I haven’t done my morning press ups in a while and 200 a day dropped off a few months ago. Perhaps its time to just start a habit at a time and cement that in but honestly I don’t have enough time to go that slowly. Perhaps I just use Todoist even more and delete the useless ones (like “breathe deeply” the trauma of cold showers already makes me do that).


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