Iced Vanilla Americano

Sotd: ispy – kyle. I’d heard of the guy before and dunno I don’t think I ever tried or maybe never particularly liked his music. It this song came up on the playlist and I thought I’d try it. It’s like that little einsteins theme tune jingle in musicness and I quite liked it at the time. 

I’ve half of so of an hour free right now. Mum kicked me out of the house because apparently I need to take a break from revising which is a strange thing for an Asian parent to say. I’m holed up in Starbucks in a corner with my small iced americano with a vanilla shot. I asked for iced coffee and was convinced the woman was going to give me an iced latte but apparently coffee means americano so here I am drinking this bitter cocktail – then again its meant to be good to cut out lactose so who knows. I’ve had this Starbucks card for half a year now that my dad topped up once ages ago and I swear to god I’ve had like 20 drinks on it without running out so either there’s a glitch or dad put way too much money on my Starbucks card #firstworldproblems.

Work was okay, I’ve gotten into some pretty bad habits like not using the tablet enough and my boss is thinking it don’t like it because I keep complaining about not having my Saturdays free but in reality there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. The last two Saturdays have been shit in terms of sales and I’m a little worried about not getting my contract renewed but who knows maybe that travesty will manifest some baller opportunity. 

Talking about baller things let’s talk about lunch. I decided I wanted pasta for lunch but the only ready meal pasta in the supermarket was slavered in disgusting cheese so I thought about cooking some pasta. Now we only have a microwave so this was going to be a problem. Now something employers like is ingenuity and I’m pretty sure managing to cook tortellinis in a microwave is a valuable life skill but anyway that was fucking amazing. 

Gonna try and get some digital garage done and perhaps some coursera (trying to last more than 2 hours of a course this time unlike all the others).

Hopefully I’ll have enough willpower tonight to have a cold shower, or perhaps I’ll skip tonight and have one tomorrow – who fucking knows. 


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