Handing Out Favours

Sotd: selfish – imad royal

I swear I’ve wrote another post with a title like this and choosing the equally snarky title. 

I’ve been watching a lot of Gary Vee lately. He’s got a nice way of putting things and yeah like that. The only thing I’m a little concerned about is his obsession with social media marketing. Sure it’s going to be the next biggest thing, but there can’t be a few hundred social advertising businesses. If I’ve read anything in a boon hundreds of companies are set up and get huge on stocks and etc but then eventually deflate and the market flattens leaving few survivors. 

There’s this video called something like “watch this if you’re under 30” being decidedly under 30 I watched it. There’s not much to glean out of, it isn’t a manifesto or anything just a talk he did to this guy. One thing he talks about is cause you’re young there’s no point trying to act like an authority. Maybe in some cases you are actually the eminent scholar in it but it’s unlikely. The whole idea is just to talk about your own journey and create a brand for yourself.

So yeah that was a thing I quite liked that he quite said. One thing I’ve realised is I really like the shorter videos. Over the last few days I’ve been growing increasingly impatient with a red beard manifesto where he chats for hours releasing a few small nuggets of stuff at a time and yeah I like this way better. 

Gary Vee does say that there’s no point in rushing at this age and I could waste 5 years and still be fine – this is one thing I don’t agree on, it’s not that I’m rushing, I just don’t want to waste 5 years. 

So yeah, I’ll think as I eat tacos for the first time tonight and get back to the blog tomorrow. 


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