Should’ve Done It

Sotd: will find later – later might be never. 

So here’s the post I meant to write yesterday: 

I was writing some application or something like that – can’t actually remember what or why I was writing something but being a blogger and lazy I just verbally spewed on the paper and hoped something good came of it. “I’m too pessimisstic for depression” was a quote that came out – it’s not a me quote but I’d heard it elsewhere. 

I’ve no idea what you guys are like on the interwebs and honestly at 16 I have no idea about mental health but this an opinion I’d read and thought was pretty damn accurate. 

Those who are depressed (and emotionally, not like actually have a brain problem with chemicals and stuff just people who refuse to be in a good mood) are so optimistic about how the world will be. The fact that they think they have the time to literally spend years of their life sad and not doing anything with no detriment to themselves is ludicrous. 

I think a big thing that literally no one talks about is the ability to make yourself happy. It’s terrifying to watch how many people just spend their lives looking indifferent or even flat sad every waking moment. People would argue that they are happy – when they’re doing things that make them happy. The problem is when you’re not doing something that doesn’t make you happy you are by default sad. 

So yeah that’s something I really don’t like about the modern life thing – this search for happiness and baseline indifference. It’s like ever since life stopped being tough we just looked for new reasons to bitch and complain and set problems for ourselves. 

I think it’s Deida who says that one of our key goals in life is to just be happy with yourself and be able to sit with your own thoughts and be content with that. I’m nowhere near perfect but at least I’ve realised it may be an issue. 


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