Daily Docs

Sotd: start a riot – banners. I’ve done this one a few times and its not really a song I particularly like but whenever it comes on its an absolute banger so yeah. 

Taking a bit of vee advice I reckon prescriptiveness isn’t the route I should be taking rather just documenting what I was like as a 16year old kid. I hit 500 posts yester-yesterday and thinking back to my one year anniversary which was all about leaving this legacy thing that I could read when I was old and senile and remember where I was. It could either be a cool thing to read about how it all started or just an embarrassment to see how I’d actually got worse as I aged. It was actually pretty like scary thinking that I could be reading these words on my deathbed but who knows, I’ve still got decades until then and hopefully I’ll have done things a little more significant than a daily blog. 

I’m not sure how to describe it but I’ve been feeling off recently. I genuinely think it’s just a Friday thing where I bitch about being “out of state” or “feeling out of my body” or any of that new age crap but it’s still true. Everything just seems more reactive and I feel less in control of my life. 

I’ve been doing a lot of things recently and none of them are producing any results immediately and whilst I know they’ll pay off eventually it does get tedious and annoying. Already I’m looking for avenues of escape instead of this steady force that garners more momentum and becomes a tsunami. 

We’ve got school holidays next week and I’m scared. I have a bunch of revision to do and whilst I’m not really scared of doing that I’m just worried about not going all in. I remember last year according at the people that didn’t go all in for tests during their highers and maybe I just need to execute more and get the results and then all my qualms will be settled. 

Also I got sold this bougee brownie at a primary school cake stall and my stomach is burning. 


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