46 Minutes

Sotd: headlights – Robyn schulz

2 parties in two weeks. If trump can win a presidential election. 

I can’t really be bothered writing about it because it was just a party and that’s hardly a fun story. But the afterwards was rather fun. Me and doomed stay pretty late and left the rest of our little group because we totally knew how to walk back (we didn’t). We carouse around the roads for a while and end up back. 

You knows there’s that Internet meme about “best friends are when your parents think you might be gay.” well whatever we were just laughing and doing pseudo-weird ass shit for a while. 

Eventually we’re ready to sleep and yeah everyone else is asleep but since I have selective insomnia (I sleep great most nights, just not some nights) I’m still awake – mid contemplating life and where I’m going I hear this sound that sounds like a shower going off for like a second. Then again. And again. 

I get up to investigate and one friend is just passed out and thrown up all over the carpet. I make sure he’s not going to die then get back in the bed and tell the owner of the house his carpet is covered in coagulated remains of a bad dinner. He merely nods and falls back asleep. 

The passed out friend then spends the next two hours rolling around and trying to find somewhere to rest his sickened head. He crawls through his own sick like a man possessed and prepares to enter the double bed I’m in. He flops in, dishevelled, half comatose but still lucid enough to flick me off and tell me to fuck off. I decide to run off, throwing on some beer-soaked hoodie and go into the living room to try and salvage some sleep and avoid the embrace of the dribble monster. 

I wake up a few hours later to some kerfuffle back in the other room and enter back in. Said drunk passed out friend has woken up in a pool of his own sick and exclaimed “oh was I actually sick”.then said owner of house goes “oh he was actually sick.”. And then they get on their hands and knees at 7:00am scrubbing and cleaning. 

I’ll finish here because I need to post 2 more times today so yeah. 


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