Just Getting Started

Sotd: on my own – nav

 I borrowed the alchemist by paulo coehlo from a friend the other day. From a brief glance and a rummage of a few pages it looks kinda like one of those books where literally every second sentence has been meticulously planned to demonstrate a certain life lesson. I think it’ll be one of those books that go back to every few years and notice a few more lessons every time. It’s not really a didatic textbook – more of a checklist of things that you’ve learnt where half of the boxes aren’t visible. 

One thing it likes to talk about a lot is your Personal Journey or maybe it’s Life’s Purpose or one of those types of things and its lovingly capitalized to show just how important it is like Christians throwing in a few capitalised “He”s and the rest of that. 

Deida talks about living on your edge and how it’s a crime to not live in that area and I increasingly feel like he’s correct. 

Sure I have great fun at parties or even revising or just sitting on the bus home but honestly it’s not where I’m thriving, not where I’m trying to go. I’ve no idea what my Personal Journey is but I’m pretty sure once it’s found you sacrifice everything for it. Santiago sacrifices his chances with the dry goods merchat’s daughter as well as his herd and I think that’s an important lesson. 

I think I’ve been living out of my edge for a few days and scarily enough I think there’s only a few things nowadays that actually make me feel like I’m on my edge. Working does it for me – well trying to close a sale does it. Designing and just trying to figure out this hand spinner does it. Then weirdly enough applying for these work placements and stuff like that really invigorates me. It seems odd but Mihaly says effort feels well effortless when you’re in flow (basically being on your edge) and yeah I get it then. 

So there’s my little sleep deprived meditation on life’s purpose and I thought it was cool thing together all these ideas and yeah I’m glad I started reading. 


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