Cheat Day

Sotd: pretty girl – maggie lindermann. Can’t actually remember where I heard this from – some really annoying girl on Snapchat that does that fake musicly thing where they suck in their cheeks and look really indifferent and have a huge Internet following but are literally just the most boring thing in real life. But it was sandwiched between some russ tracks so that made it a lot better – bit of habit forming there. 

I didn’t have a very good night last night. Not in like a I hate my life everything is sad kinda way but just an unproductive night. I’d decided a while ago that today would be a cheat day because it’s a half day and I would just go home, eat pizza and watch films/play Vainglory until the cows came home and get back to working tomorrow. So my brain decides that that also means yesterday was going to be a break – yeah sure I still did everything on my to-doist but hardly well, I just watched escalona whilst doing my flashcards and so on. I’m a little miffed because it meant I’m a day behind on designs and probably need to finish it off today before I start resting if I want my things before Christmas. 

There’s a lot of sayings my dad says that infuriate me to no end, like the really obvious motivation stuff that just makes me cringe or something that suggests I’m annoyed. But he’s always said work when you’re working and relax when you’re relaxing. By delineating between the two you do them both well as opposed to messing them both yeah perhaps pops does have a point. Finishing here and dunno maybe I’ll read some Vainglory things or stuff like that. 


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