botd: wherever you go, there you are – john kabat-zinn. see what I did there changing the sotd to botd pretty clever plus I haven’t bee listening to much music lately so that’s all I have. I’ve only actually read the first few pages, I had meant to come around to this one earlier but the alchemist and habits (the book) deserved my attention just a little bit more. I think it’s going to be good, where I was expecting this strange didatic monastic tome it’s actually quite good reading and the guy seems like a conventional man.

What to blog about today? A day where I’ve done literally nothing all day apart from sit around poring over books. I’m doing human biology today and I’m not sure what the hell is up with it. Firstly I managed to go through chemistry in a day, and work four hours and have an hour or two left to spare at the end.

Anyway I’ve decided the class is a farce, any high school class that is asking you to define memory or talk about why it’s imperative that baby’s smile is ridiculous. Or perhaps this is just me reacting to the fact I don’t understand it and thus calling it heresay, which seems more likely. Actually I reckon the topic is something I should like evolutionary origins and all that, perhaps I did judge it a little too quickly. With my newfound love for the subject I’ll finish here because motivation is fleeting so there’ll be a lovely talk about jon zabat- zinn tomorrow alongside some gentle moping.


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