Yo Elliot!

sotd: ain’t nobody taking my baby – russ.

Not going to lie, this morning I was pretty damn low. I’m not sure what it was but I was literally this close to committing suicide. Well that’s a total lie because I’m way too paranoid to kill myself but I dunno it was a bad funk. Then I went to work and everything just went right. I think most people hate working, I bloody love work I just get to chat to people and make money for hours on end – literally couldn’t get a better job.

Like in social situations and parties I start out kinda weird and jilted but then I get in this flow where I’m just spitting lines and it all just goes swimmingly. I was shit scared at first because this guy calls in and I get shouted at because his phone got wiped but then it didn’t get wiped and yeah he hangs up on “I’m coming in in a few hours, and I will speak to you Kevin.” and yeah I was lowkey pretty damn close to running away to burma to hide.

Smashed a few contracts, actually that’s a total lie, I ate shit all day but then literally a few minutes before I’m going to leave a family comes in and I hit those cheeky targets.

I literally have 2 and a half hours left tonight to do some digital garage, coursera, send off some designs, then attempt to finish the whole physics course and yeah can’t wait. But I’ve got work tomorrow and yeah I got my first model of version two of the spinners so I reckon I’ll have the etsy done before the new year and yeah through all that rubbish comes a light at the end of the tunnel. I talk a bit about good coming after bad and vice versa. The last few days were bad, today is good as will the next few days – then I’ll get fired and who knows that could be good or bad – depends how I use the extra 8 hours a week.

In the words of Russ, I’m excited by potential.



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