Christmas n That

I did some calculations last night before I went to bed. Basically I was nowhere near finished my physics so I thought I would stop and play some vain before bed and just mess around for a bit. I then wake up at 6:00am the next day to get the rest of the work done. Well that was the plan, and actually it was pretty feasible, I mean I usually wake up at 6 on a friday and yeah who cares why not, I’ll just go to bed a bit earlier. I think I stopped working at 9:45 ish, watched some “yes theory” (best youtube channel ever) and messed around with the spinners and climbed into bed at 10:15 ish, then read Jon Zabat Zinn until around quarter to, hadn’t really planned to but it’s a bloody great book.

The alarm goes off at 6:30 because I didn’t really want to wake up at 6, I scramble out of bed, walk around dazed and in my stupor play some vain, then finally get round to working. Turns out will power isn’t at an all time high at 7 in the morning so I spend half the time looking at my phone and half the time working.

It’s just turned half eight, I have work in a bit and I’m going to need a bloody coffee. I’m finishing off digital garage so that’s a nice little christmas present to myself and yeah, actually really excited for christmas. If Jonny has taught me anything it’s that the greatet pleasure in life is just to be cognisent of life, that way you truly experience every moment. I’m not near good enough as I would like to be but on the flip side I’m a lot closer than I originally thought I was.



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