Gift and Give

Botd: the alchemist – paulo coehlo

Christmas comes again and yeah still doing the same old things. It’s our little group of Chinese families that band together and celebrate Christmas in a white country. Every year for the last dunno dozen or so we just sit around a tv make rubbish jokes and play mario. It’s always a pretty fun time and one of the only times in living memory where I laughed so much I thought I was going to die. 

Today when I was thinking about what to write today I was all like “what did I write this time last year?” haha fuck. 

I recounted this lovely story about what I was doing this time last last year. Back in china camp how i basically pranked this girl and yeah I thought I was all cool and stuff writing that showing myself off as cool and all that but yeah I got like texts saying “how can I trust you after you did something like that” and I kinda just sneered and thought it was cool. 

I dunno maybe this turns into an introspection about how I’ve changed in a year or something like that and I also have another blog post to write (every Sunday bitchez) but who knows maybe I write more or maybe I just take the Gary vee route who on his 200th daily vlog was just like “the point is every day is decent so I’ll just do a normal blog” I ill leave the scary emotional weird stuff to the other. Actually I’ll write that one first and put in everything I couldn’t fit into this one. 


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