Little Bit Better

sotd: last christmas – wham. So yeah george micheal died. Eh honestly I had no idea who he was, maybe someone  a bit like liberace  but older or something like that. But he died and I’m sure people were very sad about that.

It finally snowed in edinburgh, for about 20 minutes there was actual snow on the ground but the rain washed it away so that’s also gone now.

For the last week my average sleep has been 6:20 a night. I’m genuinely shook. Yeah sure the last two nights have been awful because I’ve been watching tonnes of mozart in the jungle, and then the day before that I woke up early before work and yeah actually it’s pretty obvious the reasons I’ve been getting shit sleep. Usually on a monday or friday before weights when I wake up at 6, I’m absolutely dead, Apart from hoisting myself out of bed I can barely get anything and I’m totally wiped by 4pm, lately I’ve been like a highly functioning sleep deprived beast which is worrying because this holiday was also meant to be about catching up on sleep.

I’ll write a bit more about something I was thinking about this morning, then I’ll grab lunch and start revising again after a 2 day hiatus. I’ve been trying to figure out some piece for house music next year which is like the school music competition.I’ve been thinking about it for like 3 months now and gone through dozens of ideas (well 4 I think) but the piece I’ve chosen is the one my piano teacher gave me on my last lesson with her. I’ve literally had the piece for coming up on a year now but I’ve been messing around and procrasrinating and wasted all that time. Execution over everything – one thing I’ve learnt this week is that speed is greater than quality.



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