Mercury in Retrograde

sotd: no sleep – jaimizzy. Weird usually my stupid music app does this shuffle thing but always puts on the newest songs with more priority and if you don’t set it properly the shuffle function literally only plays podcasts which is an absolute joy.

Eh I’m just writing now because my parents are occupying the dining room where I revise and I’ve realised I really don’t like revising when my parents are in. Firstly thy make me eat breakfast and no lie that’s like a solid 30 minutes gone from the day plus I feel better on a fasting day. Then they just sit in the dining room chatting for years and I can’t do anything and it’s all very stressful. I’m sure I’ve read something in Jon KabatZinn about not getting angry at people for getting in your way but genuinely I’m pretty sure my patience has halved in recent days.

I suppose it is all my fault, I shouldn’t really care about all this productivity stuff because when I am actually working I’m hardly in a very productive – especially not yesterday when I sucked shit.

But as the dokkodo says (still got it hanging above my bed) “accept everything just the way it is” that quote really has no significance I just wanted to be sure I still remembered it.

Anyway I’ll finish here on what is a stupidly disjointed blog post.


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