19 Feet Tall

Sotd: the wonder years Jon bellion. I was humming this while catching up on some Instagram stalking and find this account where the captions like 3 times in a row are bellion lyrics and one was the exact one I was singing and if that’s not God then what the hell. So yeah, bless up.

I wrote that bit last night whilst brushing my teeth because I realised it and it was really cool and I would’ve forgotten it all by today. I think I went to bed just before 11 and I decided I would read the new harry potter screenplay just before bed, my watch was charging so I couldn’t set a timer but I reckoned I would fall asleep pretty quickly. I didn’t. I read a fair bit and then decided to check the page number – 145. True it’s a screenplay and well that’s the equivalent of 20 pages in a children’s book but still. I think I finished on 200 and something before I eventually fell asleep exhausted and broken.

Eh I don’t really know what to blog about, a little dead to the world right now because I’ve just been blasting out questions for revision. Genuinely think I might die before the end of this holiday from forgetting how to have fun. Oh dear well there goes my mental health.

I’ll do some more work now then probably try to obliviate myself on tv or maybe just play some piano – who knows – who cares.


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