Calm Storms

Sotd: we all want the same thing – rixton

An hour and a bit till I finish off work and genuinely I talk about bad days but today was honestly the worst I’ve had. Well workwise – I still have some semblance of sanity right now. Right so I’m 4 subs off target for this month and no joke I killed it last month, third in store out of like 8 in my first month. So I have 8 hours for fours subs – pretty damn easy. A few hours in I get a family who want two phones – well actually it’s two kids but I give them the quotes and they run off into the ether.

They eventually do come back with their mother and she’s ready to do two subs. I stick everything in and eventually it gets to the credit check. She fails. We try again – more fails. She’s only been in the UK for a few months so yeah that fucked up. I lose my first two subs.
The next two come from this youngish couple who’ve just spent the last year in australia. I’m about to smash out two iPhone 7 contracts then the credit check fails again. Apparently because he has no UK credit history for two years he can’t do it.

So there’s the story of today – so damn close to success yet so far.

I had some weird dream about undead zombies coming to kill us but I like ended getting half my friends killed because my house was zombie infested and I wanted something from my conservatory so I rapelled some people down from my room but they got destroyed by this one guy with a huge battle


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