RIP 2016

Sotd: no option – post Malone. Every song is flames 🙌 

I’ll start this one off with a story. Every good blog post starts with a story. This is going to be one of those annoying spiritual things but fuck it its new years I’ll write what I bloody want. 

Every year in Edinburgh there’s this light parade thing where people grab torches and wander around town and it looks well cool. Yesterday mum decides that we’re going to watch it. We turn up and start walking through it. There’s this huge mosh with people just packed like sardines trying to get past to get somewhere. My parents are Chinese so try and get through this crowd with a demented vigour as if chairman mao is waving the scythe and hammer at them. I look around at everyone freaking out and trying to move past and think, what are they going to. At that point we were right beside the whole “river of light” thing and no one seemed to be looking at it, they were moving somewhere else to get a better view of it when it was literally right in front of them. 

I think that’s today’s post, smell the roses. As the new year comes in I think all I want to say is that be happy where you are, because if you don’t you’ll never be happy. I think Jon Kabat-Zinn is finally getting to me. I need to take time away from constant stimulation and just be fine with the silence. I spent a whole month in china this year trying to do that and I think I can pretty close but I’ve just forgotten it all. As I read it last night I had this weird thought like “oh I can do that later on, I’ll live badly now” but why would I ever do that? So I suppose that’s my new years resolution, take time for peace and not being stimulated and smelling the roses. 


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