New Heart, New Start

I really didn’t think I’d be spending the first day or the year eating mini cheddars and playing with Pokemon cards with some 8 year old kid but life panned out that way so oh well.

The years go by real bloody quick. Like I thought people were joking when they talked about time getting faster and your life will literally be over in a blink of an eye. I spent most of yesterday chatting to my friend about stuff we did two christmases ago. 2 years ago and I literally still remember every detail from food to songs and feelings (mostly of fear and dread). 

So what have I done in these wonder years, this two year period of which seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. Quite a lot – I think. I was writing a CV type thing yesterday and listed my notable achievements and they only covered things from the last few months so I hope I’d done pretty cool stuff before that. 

Perhaps its also a game of accumulation. That 730 days have passed where everything adds up. There’s that thing about exponential growth and interest rates and Einstein thinking it’s dope but yeah just doing good things everyday racks up huge over a period of two years. 

I might write more – maybe not. I still have another blog to write on which will be much more woo woo and bully-worthy and also need to do some work, so if this is it good luck in the new year kids and try to make good choices (typed as I shove mini cheddars into my mouth at a startling rate)


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