Circus Mom

sotd: patient – post malone.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it yesterday but I got depressed af. Perhaps depression isn’t the right words for it – perhaps just a logical glumness. The reason for said depression is this kid that followed me on instagram – for some reason I want to check his out so I open it up. Young man is 16, has a lifestyle consulting business, is actually ripped (I think he might be a gymshark rep) and makes the most incredible videos. Plus his instagram captions are lit af. Basically I was getting one upd and I really didn’t like that someone else had done more than me (plus he was a serious meditator).

My friend had the same thing on new years eve. Well a few weeks beforehand but whatever. She got emailed some model personal statements for applying to university and in her own words “couldn’t sleep for days after reading it”. I read it and think, is this it? It’s well written, I’ll give the girl that but honestly it’s really very wishy washy. It’s a medicine application for this girl who got into cambridge. Counting up her total days of work experience I think she did 3 days in a hospital. Her volunteering comes up to serving at an old folks home for a year and being one of the first members of some school club. She also helps out the younger years at her school – which I’m pretty sure is compulsory and went to namibia 5 years ago and visited a hospital. I think what was good was the whole spiel around it. She concocts this lovely story that seems very airtight and all encompassing but when it gets boiled down is nothing very special.

I think most of the secret to this whole thing is branding, writing the better stories and I think that’s what I’ve been lacking. In my last few applications I say I want to avoid talking fluff but perhaps fluff is the secret.

Also about the earlier guy, yeah he’s just a teenage vlogger who helped out a few old guys get in shape – after a thorough dissection I realised that half his stuff was just Tai Lopez quotes and he wasn’t that interesting. But what was really cool was that he had a photo with Khaled, which I thought was honestly so cool. Even though I have just slagged him off for a blog post he seems dope and I might slide into that DM.


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