Flu Season

Sotd: in love – hendersin

So at least I didn’t get fired today. My boss fucked up and basically forgot to put me on a temporary contract so I think I’m still hired at this store which is kinda annoying but anyway killed it today. 

But I did fuck up my timetable and I’m just sitting outside my house now because my parents weren’t in so I have to sit here for a while and cry because it’s so dreadfuly cold. 

What to talk about today? 

How about mortifying shit. I say the word mortifying a lot because it describes my feelings half the time. I left my wallet at a friend’s house the other day and she sends me a pic of this piece of paper I have in it. It’s the dokkodo that I scribbled ages ago back during the summer. Basically I’m meant to read it twice a day and I have one copy hanging on my wall and one in my wallet if I’m ever out the house or something. Anyway I get the picture and its just so awkward. Like I’m embarassed, or perhaps not embarrassed just mortified. It’s not that bad, it’s certainly not like a secret fetish diary it’s just a bunch of statement things like “accept everything just the way it is” and “do not pursue the taste of good food” but even thinking about it now is so cringey that someone found it. 

Then there’s the Instagram kerfuffle, I’d like to start by saying that Facebook is a dick. So I make a new Instagram for the hand spinner make post and it gets broadcast to everyone of my Facebook contacts. Literally as soon as I realised I freaked out and shut down everything.

Maybe it’s something I try to fix, maybe not but it’s just a funny little quirk I suppose. 


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