Show Disdain

Sotd: money made me do it – post Malone. Literally every song is a banger.

So what did I do today? Well I get a text from my boss asking about some phone I sold yesterday (well not just any phone, a bloody Google pixel) and apparently I promised the customer a free VR headset and that hadn’t arrived and now they were out for my blood. I think I knew when I sold the phone – scratch that I was 70% sure that there wasn’t a free headset anyway but I sold it because last week I did shit and I really wanted to smash target this week. So yeah lowkey about to get fired after not really getting fired. Nah it should be alright but I feel kinda scummy. Harkens back to something this little old lady told me today at volunteering. She was saying something about that it really didn’t matter what you did because in the end you’re still who you are or something like that.

Last night when I was reading Jon Kabat Zinn he was talking about places to meditate or something like that. A bunch of these kids like travelling on gap years to like Cambodia to “find themselves” but what he says is that what the hell are they on about. When you get to cambodia do you think you suddenly just change your demeanour, who you are and everything like that? I mean as the title says “wherever you go – there you are” and I reckon the other half of that or what it really means is just to start, don’t wait for the perfect opportunity because it literally doesn’t exist. So that’s what “the universe” told me today, just get started.


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