No Sleep

Sotd: no sleep – jamizzy

I’ve literally been dead for the whole day. Last night I went to bed around 10 ish which is pretty damn good. I wrote a list of things I needed to do the next morning and yeah I was going to do them. Maybe it was that, maybe it was the fact I didn’t knock myself out by reading some boring book or just a combination of things but my mind is just racing for hours. I do a lot of thinking about things and it was quite lovely, like I thought about how things were going and such. But one problem, when I decided to finish I couldn’t fall asleep. First 11:00pm passes and I’m pretty mad but I toss and turn and my mind continues working on some random thing and its very annoying but I remember in my half asleep stupor I go downstairs for a drink, check the time and its 0:30 and my watch says I’ve had no sleep yet. I wake up at 6 to my watch vibrating like crazy and get up. I’m pretty dead, I just sit on the side of my bed for 5 or so minutes thinking I’m going to die. Then at rowing (well technically I don’t do rowing anymore but whatever) after every set I kinda just sit against the wall and attempt to not die and that’s all great fun. The rest of the day followed suite and in my dazed stupor I began walking to violin before realizing it wasn’t on (honestly I thought the fact I didn’t have a violin in my hand would’ve been enough of a clue) and now I’m on the bus home contemplating death.

I’ll try get aot more sleep tonight but I dunno I can sleep when I’m dead – or perhaps just die from lack of sleep. 


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