Irrawaddy Cruise

sotd: sonata 31 op 1 – beethoven.

Mum decided to invite some guests over this morning because they want to take one of our goldfish, I’m not mad because I don’t think I’ve even looked at those goldfish in years. SO they’ve occupied the room where the piano is so there’s no chance I get my morning practise in. The troubles of my life I swear to god.

So yeah I have a fullish day free so I dunno what I’m going to do revision wise, maybe I do a fully day of past papers? Go over my courses in fear I’m still missing information or who knows, I’ve had “learn a diagram of the brain” in my to dos for ages but I reckon I need a little more procrastination for that before I even try and attempt that. It feels like I hardly have any time until exams start but honestly if I calculated it ( and I can’t be bothered doing that) there’s a heck of a lot more than I think. I’ll finish here in favour of work, making mad dollar and the other mysterious blog.


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