Broken Ass Earphones 


So the tip of one of my earphones fell off on like Saturday and I still haven’t bothered replacing it so I have to sit on the bus with the cold steel freezing off the inside of my ear so I can barely hear and yeah it’s just not nice, hopefully I have spare tips that fit in the same colour otherwise it’s one white top and one black tip for the rest of time. 

Let’s talk about achievements and that – that the working title but who knows how the whole idea will end up. Also I realised I may have to fix my English because in an essay I literally wrote “Hamlet is so recognizable because he is so recognisable” sure I did justify it eventually and it was meant to be a funny wordplay but in reality it just looks broken as hell. 

I have this one family friend who I’ve known for a while and who I honestly thought was some idiot but turns out she’s pretty beastly. She’s decided she wants to be a doctor and genuinely works pretty hard, is doing tonnes of cool shit and volunteers and seems to be thinking a lot about it. Well I think so, she doesn’t really talk about it a lot but her parents tell my parents all the time and yeah it sounds dope. I think that’s the point of this, the parental hyperinflation of things. I really don’t like telling my mum stiff because honestly I becomes this like vanity thing where she puts it out like “oh I birthed this” and yeah, like she put me getting a job on Facebook and like the handspinners which she made literally sound more like the miracle of immaculate conception than a quick email to a company that had a 3d printer. 

I was listening in to her conversatioj with some woman and she was talking about me going to volunteering and says that its so formal that everytime that I can’t make it I email ahead and tell them. Never had I heard a more flagrant lie, if I’m not going I just don’t go, honestly I’m pretty officially I don’t even exist to them and there’s just happy someone else turns up who they don’t have to pay. 

So that’s what it ended up as, a treatise against parental hyperinflation. 


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