Sugru or No Gru

sotd: “this feeling” – mike stud.

I think I had quite a lot to write but then I got the bus with someone else and had to speak to them which is very unfortunate so now I’m doing this when I would much rather be spending my last half hour or so of consciousness doing past papers because they’re actually pretty fun when you’ve got the tunes blaring. I’m not sure how long I’ve been cold showering for – maybe a few weeks maybe a month probably closer to 20 days but one thing I’ve realised is it’s less effort nowadays. The first week or so every time I wanted to like properly dunk under the water I would need like a minute of deliberation now I just kinda turn around and do it. Though I haven’t had that weird experience of the water seeming to turn warm again – I think that time some water accidentally slipped through.

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about that weird serendipity shit that happens when you’re pursuing your goal as Paulo Coehlo says but I just realised I think I’ve been needing a credit card for ages for internet stuff and my friend just sent me a link to one that’s online and I literally just told him to fuck off- that’s not going to be good for my karma. Do I have much to write about today? Probably but I won’t because I have to do flashcards and then maybe a past paper and then joyous sleep and maybe some new Coehlo before that but whatever – night ya dicks.


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