Cadence Frame

botd: born to run – Chris something or other. I heard about this for the first time I dunno like years ago when I still watched Tai Lopez and he wasn’t a mainstream puppet who sacrificed content for these little 2 minute videos that actually suck ass and are actually just awful. I started reading this at like 10:30 and I don’t know when I finished but I did 100 pages on the first read which is pretty good I think for me. It’s real well written and yeah the first half is literally just a really good piece of journalism about some road race. 

Also in my life is my earphones are totally broken. Like my contacts are just bust and when you shift it the sound just goes so I need to get a new pair which is awfully depressing because these were expensive as shit well not really but I really liked them. I do get a discount at carphone and I finally made a profit off the hand spinners I think so perhaps everything will work out. 


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