Copy writing 

Sotd: hey ma – some random guy. So I’ve heard this song a bunch of times in escalonas YouTube and I really hated it because it was like he doesn’t want to use copyrighted music in case he gets kicked off the Internet again and so he just ends up using the same 3 songs over and over again but it grew on me and yeah I kinda like it now or rather I was humming it then and that was an experience. 

Let’s talk about our realities, or perhaps our expectations or maybe beliefs or maybe some other name of that type. 

So schools making us do this thing where we’re forced to consider university options just before exams perhaps its to motivate or piss people off or perhaps it was just scheduled then with no thought. So these girls in my class are chatting to some teacher who is an absolute savage and when one girl says she doubts she can get into a good uni the teacher replies “well you’re obviously not trying hard enough”.

I almost had a heart attack when I heard that, it seemed abysmal for a teacher to say but I suppose it mightve been what the girl needed. She goes on to talk about how she started revising for maths a whole 2 weeks before the exam and the teacher says some people’s start a month before and I swear she looked like she had seen an alien, the shock on her face was like nothing I’ve ever seen and she tried to rationalize the idea in her mind. 

So that’s what today is about, realising that our realities trap up. This girl literally couldn’t even fathom revising more would get her better grades, who knows what constraints we put on ourselves and what that’s stopping us from doing. 

I think something I’ve tried to rectify but still believe is that I’m not someone who does cool shit. Not cool stuff like going to parties but like dope experiences. An example will probably explain better than I can. There was this opportunity to write a CV and get a work experience but I honestly procrastinated harder than I ever have when I was about to write it. Like it so ruined me that I was pretty close to not taking a cold shower that night. 

Also apparently I’m milking the whole cold showers thing but my blog, and I’ll talk about the things on my mind and usually it’s fear of that cold shower but tonight it’s fear of the flashcards I need to do. (my monthly pack and two week pack aligned this week and I’m going to die I’m pretty sure and my body will be found under a mound of a8 paper)


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