For the Stunt

Sotd: for the stunt – russ. 

I had this thought this morning about the whole spinning top business thing. I was thinking about shutting it down for some reason but as we pulled up to some random red light on my way to work I had this thought. Why would I ever shut it down?

I can process and ship off an order in less than the time it takes me to write a blog post. I can get dozens of followers on Instagram with the scrolling I would’ve done on my personal page and yeah it really is not skin on my back. 

I’ve actually had the website for about 3 weeks and sold metal ones for maybe a week and I’ve already made all my money back, including a bunch I wasted when trying to prototype all with no investment on my part. 

Also what other 16 year olds can say they’ve shifted £250 of product in a week and potentially be able to do the same thing every week. I’ve learnt things about relations, sales writing and just customer care that will probably prove invaluable in the future and the best part is that I did it all on my own. 

Mum came home with a draft of an expense sheet last night and I freaked out, like I love my mother but sometimes she’s just way too controlling. Like she doesn’t see that when I ask that she doesn’t help me run this it means not to try and figure out my accounting for me. 

Rant over, kinda think I should put this on the other blog because that’s like my diary of this spinner shite but I need a blog post for today. 


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