Handtowels and Bearings

Sotd: no clue. 

Morning of the English exam. Maybe I am scared, maybe I am terrified that everything goes wrong and I die. 

When I still used to listen all those self-help youtubers someone said when you’re going to do something stressful visualize the worst case scenario, then the best case and realize there really isn’t that much between them. So I think that’s what’s most important thing to do this morning, not frantic revision or anything else, I’m prepared – I just have to remind myself that I am. 

Well it came and went and honestly it was all fine. Turns out our sermons only exist in our heads. Well maybe not but I’m less worried than I thought I was. I think I’m almost happy about these exams, like competitions of the mind. So yeah, I think the sloth of yesterday is gone and I need to go back to just sloggging out theory, grinding for the sake of grinding as ET screamed into my ears this morning. 


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