Gerald Wouldn’t Do This

sotd: shape of you – ed sheeran, eh didn’t really like this at the start, well I hadn’t even heard it and I didn’t think I liked it but I quite like it though it does seem a little weird for ed.

The guy my boss replaced me with sold 7 contracts in a day, my max ever is 3. Gulp. Plus he did it at the store I’m moving to so yeah, well scared.

I’ve been reading a book called the pilgramage by paulo coehlo who’s the guy who did “the alchemist” which I loved, this book just confuses me. I’m not sure if it’s fiction or some autobiography type thing he wrote because it’s all very esoteric and doesn’t make much sense but whatever.

There’s these little exercises he gets taught by his guide and one is called the slow walk or something like that. Basically he has to walk across the pyrenees (or however its spelt) and the guy is like take your time, one foot in front of the other as slowly as possible and that he shouldn’t focus so much on the destination rather the journey and intake that.

Whatever I thought, then mum exiles me to go out for a walk and I decided to not bring my phone so I’m forced to treck on my solitude. I go towards the woods and not going to lie it’s pretty damn scenic, frost on the ground, the sun blazing above, steam outta chimney and birds in the trees. Fuck it, I try the slow walk or whatever it’s called. Turns out its actually quite fun. I think there is a nice little decompression factor to just walking for the sake of walking with no real destination.

speaking of this crap I think I want to get into running. I realised I haven’t really done aerobic exercise in ages excluding badminton every week a few times. After reading that book about runners (genuinely can’t remember the name) I think it seems cool, get a pair of cheapy sneakers or nike frees if I’m feeling rich and just start, I think I could get into i but who knows, maybe I’ll be too lazy but I reckon I live in a pretty good place to get into it.

Anyway back to my walk in the woods I thought the sun was nice so I jumped a fence onto some field and put my jacket down and just lay there for a while looking at the grass and I think I realised that they weren’t joking when they talk about time seeming to slow down at these moments and that was fun. I think something else I was thinking about was people talking about how stress literally follows them everywhere and it’s so hard to seperate from it but I couldn’t really think about it and I don’t think I do think about it that much normally. I think that’s part of the benefit of me finding out about Redbeard and that early on, built up good habits.

Night Kids, need to get that come up.

Also, I seem to have given myself chilblains which is like an inflammation in the extremities (my toes) due to frequent exposure to the cold which I think is one of the funniest things I’ve heard this week that I’ve given myself this, not sure how to solve it but honestly it’s nothing serious, just itchy ass feet.


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