Sotd: chase the wind – Quinn xcii

I havent had Korean barbecue today nor any form of barbecue, actually that’s a total lie I think I’m having brazillian barbecue today for dinner but whatever. I’ve spent quite a lot of time this week just thinking about what I’m going to do after exams which probably isn’t the best idea but goddamn I can’t wait. Except of course it might distract from what I’m meant to do and then whatever who really cares. 

I got my eyes opened to what the future holds or maybe perhaps holds or things that people do in this world at the same time as me. I started reading this guy’s blog and he lives in Colombia (well he’s gone there for a few months) with his mates, runs an online business and just does what he wants to do all day and learns Spanish and whatever looks dope. I did have this thought as I drooled over his life, if I just sit at home reading and mentally masturbating over this stuff there’s a 0%chance I ever do it. I mean honestly it’s what I’ve spent most of my life doing, imagining cool shit but never doing it. It’s something I’ve tried to change recently with the spinners and just in general and its something I’ve let slide recently during exams but afterwards I just need to remember to go hard and take action and not just read about this guy’s awesome exploits. 


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