Pearl in Hand

Sotd: Babylon – half the animal. 

Just finished Chinese and I’m a little pissed, the answer to one of the questions was in the revision booklet but I didn’t bother checking it. I don’t really mind so much for Chinese but for anything else I’d be fuming in anger at being stupid enough to literally not get free marks. For some reason our school decided to give us a 2 hour intermission between the two parts of the exam and we went to some friends baller flat. The flat itself is okay but what’s really cool is the view. It’s on the banks of this park (do parks have banks) and overlooks the whole thing with this huge panorama windows that replace a wall. The sun was out today and it was nice just playing music out the speakers and just looking at this huge ass park sprawled out with the whole of Edinburgh out there. Beast ass motivation to eventually be able to get one myself. 

Maths romorrow, not too worried. I was a little bit it turns out the things I didn’t understand where something we didn’t need to know. 

Also I do think I’m getting smarter, eating well and getting actual sleep does wonders if turns out, like usually I genuinely can’t write any Mandarin to save my life but today I was crushing it. 

Decided to explore some abandoned house on my bus ride home and lord it was scary. It’s kinda rundown and the only way in is this gap where the railings meet a wall, the whole thing is rundown as shit and low key was terrified I’d find a junkie. We were about to leave, but found a second section. I opened this one door slowly and looked inside and there was like a bunch of cans and bottles, opened it a little more and there was this single bed with white sheets and I nearly cried in fear. Ran off after that. 

Little concerned about being reported, the getting in was very conspicuos. Two kids in blue blazers and school bags walking along this wall, towards an abandoned house that is literally fenced in two sides with roads and double Decker busses full of unimpressed crowds. But who knows, who actually will bother to take action on that and I doubt its that illegal, I mean it’s more like a lame tourist attraction. 


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