Black and Red

Sotd: no option post malone. Still in love with it. 

Had maths today and it was mostly all good apart from the niggle where I had the correct answer but just didn’t know how to prove it mathematically so there’s a section of my question paper that is literally just ass where I try and justify this leap and attempt to get those marks. 

I’ve been trying this thing in my exams where at the start I just sit there for 5 minutes and breathe. The idea is that rushing causes mistakes and this gets me out of that bull rush mindset and able to think clearly, who knows if it works or is just a waste of time but if 5 minutes can pick me up an extra mark or two I’m happy. 

20% of the knowledge gets you 80% of the marks and the last 20% is gained through 80% of your knowledge. I do have this worry where I spend too much time revising the details I forget the big things. This wasn’t more apparent than today when I thought I had forgotten to revise the equation to find the intersection of two circles. I sat for a few minutes planning the self masochism that I would have to commit for forgetting something so basic but it turns out it isn’t something that exists and it was more about skills and thinking which was more 80%.

I think my anxiety was probably the worst it’s been this morning. I woke up from a dream of being kicked out of school (for trespassing haha) and failing my biology exam so that wasn’t great and I was drawing tiny breathes before the exam (part of the reason I took that 5 minute break) and realised I was literally holding my breath for most of the exam which can’t be good. 

Physics tomorrow, happy because I’m going to crush revision today and crush the exam which sets me up well for chemistry. 


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