Don’t Know Nothing

Sotd: feel – post malone. Been stuck in my head for a good while and yeah I just quite like it. 

Had physics today feel alright about it, most of it was theory which is kinda annoying because they give you stupid marks for it and you just need to get the trigger words right but if you don’t you’re fucked. 

The topic today at lunch as we filled our bellies with donor meat (my first time – wasn’t as good as expected) was this idea of people just hyper inflating and making shit up. Btw I finished it off with a peshwari nan which was honestly one of the best bready type things I’ve ever had. 

I used to make a lot of shit up, like a lot. Random trips to places I’d never been, friends I didn’t have and other things that looked cool, I had this image that I had to live up to and that was that. For the most part people believed me but it was just kinda soul sucking that you had this disparity between the life you lead and the life you imagine you have and I didn’t really like that. 

So now onto honesty 2.0 I think that’s what I said I wanted to be in my one year anniversary, unapoligetically myself. (but I don’t think I said it that eloquently as I was sleep deprived and a little inebriated). The thing about telling the truth is that it feels a lot better when you can just say stuff you have actually done, to quanitify what you’ve done even if it’s failed. 

On the other hand there’s still people that feel the need to make fanstastical stories, it does get annoying because you don’t know what’s truth or not so you can’t even congratulate them on what should be a great success. 

So that’s my nonsense rant over for the day, now to try and repair all the habits I’ve destroyed the last few days in the name of revision. (of which I have done dissappointingly little recently but is kinda balanced by the amount I did before)


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