Overnight Flights

sotd: Jump – lupe fiasco, I think every two weeks I rave about some artist who I’ve found that is visionary and all that and honestly I think this guy is, like Kanye visionary where I hate half his stuff but can understand it’s cool but I still really like a few of their songs (actually I don’t think I like a single kanye song).

Have I talked about iskiate yet? Maybe, maybe not but I’ll do it now. I was reading this book on ultrarunners in mexico and apparently they all drink this mad drink that gives you mad energy and it’s just chia seeds, honey and lime. I’ve been drinking it a few days and I have no idea if it’s any good. Recently I’ve been eating mad well, the worst thing has probably been a nan bread from this indian place but god damn it was good. I don’t think I’ve had that many refined sugars apart from some honey and put a few stevia tablets in my water this morning.

Pro tip on that tangent, after I’d made my lemon iskiate this morning I threw the lemon half into a bottle of san pellegrino and then a few stevias because I thought it would taste nice but honestly it tastes like knockoff sugarfree lemonade but whatever.

Do I have much to talk about right now? No not really but I’ve realised that I really want to go to bloody Medellin, learn spanish and smash out a few dropshipping businesses while I’m at it. I’ve talked to my mother about a gap year before but jesus it hurts to try, she’ s convinced I’m still to young to enter the world (she might be true) but the excessive coddling is awful. Also I remember her saying “stop thinking you’re special, you’re not” which isn’t the best thing for a parent to say but honestly she’s just trying to keep me safe, albiet being a little too restrictive. But I really don’t want to go to university straight away, I’d feel bad making my parents pay 20k a  year for a degree that’s essentially worthless, so yeah I’ll try enter the world and make some money before I hit uni to alleviate the guilty consciousness and just try and get a year long hiatus from what will be 15 years straight of formal education.


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