Pickle Me Coloured

sotd: pickle – KYLE, still haven’t actually heard this yet but kyle is always fire, actually I’m like half a minute in and this is kinda annoying.

Back to work today and eh it was okay. I turn up, do pretty well smash out a sub and have some good chat with the new boss but to be honest I’ve already been there a couple of times so there’s not much I learn. I had this thought last night was that my old boss actually wanted to fire me but this guy gave me a chance. I think he kinda addressed it today when he said something like “oh she promised you a job so she had to honour it so sent you here” at least I think that’s what I heard which is pretty depressing and demotivating but honestly I did shit today.

I think it started last night when I stayed up till 1:30 on the pretence that I had worked hard which i think I have but I don’t think I should’ve done it. I think I lost a few customers for just being uncalibrated and just broken.

The other new start is beasting it currently and it makes me mad to no end. I honestly need to nail this, think the focus for the next few weeks is just killing it in store and optimising everything so I can do it. Killing it at Carphone just sets me up to kill it in the rest of my time and I love it.


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