Build a Jump

Sotd: growing up – macklemore. Damn good partly because he mentions the alchemist and its all just a nice message. 

Is it too tmi if I say I wrote this while taking a shit? Probably yes but who cares. It’s one of those trippy toilets that have the aluminum siding so you can see this weird light show of yourself on either side. 

I was gonna take the first stall but checked the toilet paper levels for the first time in my life and lo and behold they’re wasnt enough tissue for even a single wipe. Thank the lord I checked or this blog post would have a whole different tone. 

Now exams are over its time for sloth, unreliability and conspicuous consumption. Thought I’d see what I’ve been working for and honestly I quite like it. 

It’s nice just rolling around in bed farting excessively and watching YouTube videos that I have 0 interest in Ms just not feeling any pressure. There is also this niggling feeling that I’m not doing what I should be doing but that’s quickly covered up by carbs and numbing my mind on the internet. I’ll probably start doing important things tomorrow but who knows, perhaps I’ll take a little longer to just enjoy living life to its emptiest. (hopefully it doesn’t last 6 decades and I die, regretful and broken)


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