Choices n That

So I spent my day just lazying around and it was great fun, but there is still this feeling that I would be more satisfied working all day and burning out and just loving all that.

It’s lateish 10pm for a blog and honestly I almost forgot but the todoist caught me before I fucked up.

I was shopping for oxford colleges and god I thought it was going to be easy but honestly I’ve only just checked out oxford so far (need to check cambridge) and jesus I have like 10 shortlisted as pretty damn good.

Not quite sure what I want in a university, probably big ass rooms with a kitchen because need to get that nutrition son. Plus lawns because I’ve realised I really like sun. Maybe a smaller college because I dunno I think I would prefer just a smaller circle of people and who knows.

Eh do I have more to blog about right now? Probably need to talk about some things but right now I just need some water, brush my teeth and sleep.

Let’s talk about teethbrushing. Honestly I don’t understand it, well I do understand it I just get confused about when to do it. I think most white people do it after meals. But we asians do a before breakfast after dinner. And evening showers instead of morning ones.

Just one little anecdote of an immigrant living in a white country trying not to get deported.

Also totally in love with my white vans, they help me blend in and also look like J Escalona.


One thought on “Choices n That

  1. i used to brush my teeth after breakfast but now i do it before cuz it’s supposed to be bad for your teeth to do it soon after eating or something. but then if i have orange juice or something it tastes like death.


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