All on Board

Sotd: violence- bob

Trump time. I don’t actually have an opinion on the topic it’s just I was listening to some podcast with people talking about the guy, do I mind him? Dunno but I think he is a little demonised and I swear people are convinced he’s retarded, I don’t think so, I’d hope that the criteria for success in the world isn’t that low. 

What to blog about today? I’m quite liking being on holiday, it’s nice to just be able to relax and not worry about things, I’m procrastinating about this drop ship thing, I’ve got the shop all set up but I’m loathe to spend so much on advertising every day. Perhaps I’ll just do the spinner thing and grow organically off of that. Or just change the username on the spinner account and do that. Interesting stuff. Probably will do that to start actually and then branch off and turn over the profits into adverts. 

The things about spending your days lasting around is I’ve found its harder to prove yourself into doing the things you know you should be doing. I was working on the shop then thought about a game of vg and an hour later after vg, some food and YouTube I finally returned to the computer. I think it is an actual thing about willpower which I’m not too pissed about right now because I’m still in holiday mode. Just not too sure when holiday mode is scheduled to end… 


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