First Team

Sotd: some song by a band called Chloe that is the intro to daily docs which is lit but kinda annoying because I’ve literally heard it hundreds of times by now. 

For a while now I’ve wanted to make one of those cool summer videos montage things that show everything I’ve done and stick on some Quinn or Post Malone or someone like that and stick it on Instagram for mad likes. I just think it would look mad aesthetic and would feed my ever growing ego in instagram. I was going to do one last summer but I started like a week left and honestly I didn’t do anything cool that summer so probably not. Maybe this year, probably not because right now plans seem kinda boring but they could perk up if I get rejected from everything I’ve applied to. 

I talked a lot when I first made this blog about this summer camp I go to called struan. I didn’t make it last year and I really want to go this year – it’s hard to describe why it’s so co but it’s just a chill time and yeah just hang out in a field for a week with some buddies


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