Sotd: whatever’s playing right now in store – it’s a banger. 

Started the day off the best way possible. Watching youtube until 2 in the morning then being so dosed off of the thing that isn’t melatonin that I literally couldn’t sleep for another hour, listened to a Joe rogan Gary vee podcast that was shit because Joe rogan talks about himself too much and doesn’t let his guests shine which is fine for some guests but you have to let Gary shine or else. 

So when I woke up this morning I was fucked on 4 hours sleep. I somehow make it through the school day then grab a frappé lose my man card and go to work until 8. Still here and its dead as a doorknob. I smash the perfect sale insurance and all and a broadband. Then sell it in another person’s name because I forgot my password. One thinks that if one has invested more in sleep one would’ve had that mad commission money. 

Got a punishment exercise from my head teacher today, it was meant to be a detention but the guy seems chill towards me and just gave me a fun little essay. Creative and I swear to God he said “you could write about a shitty party”. So yeah I can probably start at 9 after dinner and die from essays and all that rubbish. 

Rowing tomorrow morning, do I bother? Then again it is the only stopping me from dying a lazy wreck so yes. 


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