John Clees

Sotd: new to me – russ (I’ve done this a few times recently but I keep catching myself saying it so yeah).

I hand in the fire story to my head teacher who isn’t exactly the most friendly chap, he’s a lovely man I’m sure just stern as a stern thing. He starts reading when I give it to him and I kinda want to stay and see if he reads it. I actually quite liked it, it wasn’t bad for a piece I wrote in half an hour. I think he gestures for me to stay so I stand awkwardly as he skims, he nods every now and then and comments on my use of language (he’s also an English teacher) and I quip every now and then about using the word smote in order to alleviate the palpable tension. He likes it and I leave with a smile on my face. 

John Clees is an unfortunate man whose name I use whenever I’m forced to enter details somewhere I don’t want to. I’m not sure where the name came from but I quite liked it so I’ve used it now for a year or so. 

Anyway back to the juicy parts, exam results came out and I’m top for 3 out of 4 so far which is pretty cool. But less cool than I thought it would be. I literally pictured fanfares and millions but I’m still sitting here in violin and underslept because of rowing even though I got kicked out of the club and I have work tomorrow where I still can’t do anything – like I don’t even get stock options because I’m under 18.

Can’t remember who, well actually everyone learned I listen to – talks about grinding for the sake of grinding. Living for the process rather than the product. I just don’t think I like the process much and focussed on the product and that was to my detriment. 

So yeah life goes on, but this is a nice little boost and just proving to myself that I can do whatever I set out to do. 


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