Petite Blueberries

sotd: blase – ty dolla sign ft rae srummend. I quite like this one actually and apparently rae srummed is ear drummers backwards which is probably the only productive thing I learnt yesterday.

Eh, not actually sure what to blog about today, I’m in this period of my life where there is approximately nothing going on right now in my life. I need to do my dropshipping but I’ve lost all motivation for it, perhaps I was wrong and maybe it was the products that drew me in, but then again I left my spinner at work and I’m not gonna get it for another week and I literally couldn’t give less of a fuck.

I think what I’ve done this week is tried to drown out my inner voice, that’s what the 2am netflix sessions, the constant scrolling of facebook and listening to music are doing, hiding myself from myself – dunno why I think I’m not doing too badly but perhaps on introspection I’ll be well pissed. I have broken a few habits, I forgot to duolingo last night (well I didn’t forget just didn’t have enough willpower to switch from watching a film to doing french) and I haven’t applied for a summer placement in 3 days when I was meant to do one daily.

I have just excused myself saying I need to relax but honestly it’s driving me down this rabbit hole that eventually will be to deep to get out of. So I suppose here’s my goal for the next few days, get out of this rut.



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