Holla at that

Sotd: life – Jon bellion. Couldn’t find new jon on YouTube or anything but SoundCloud so I’ve had to settle for his old stuff which is still amazing. 

Got the other two back today. English and maths. English I was bricking myself. Actually that’s a total lie, I didn’t think much of it but it’s in 3 parts and as soon as they handed out the first part I knew I was fucked. Each time I got a new section my despair grew. I ended up with an a2 which is a horrifying throwback to last years exams with my a2. Things need work in English otherwise for all my talk English will be the thing that fucks me up. 

Maths was better just not to begin with. After the mornings cock up I was pretty damn scared and so was the guy sitting beside me. Our man-child of a teacher then seeming to not realize that people wanted their marks back decided to withhold them for 10 minutes before finally giving them out. Whilst this is happening I have this mix of apprehension, fear and the burning desire to shit. I get it back and I did pretty damn good. 

I did have issues which were just being an idiot and not thinking about questions. I think that is my main issue apart from English I’m pretty sure I don’t have any gaps in my knowledge and what I really need to do it just figure out better technique and that’ll solve things. 


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