Tie it Tight

Sotd: broad shoulders – Taylor bennet I quite liked this one the first time I heard it but I was busy doing something else so didn’t really pay attention. I downloAded it a few days ago and realized that it was actually quite dope so here it is. 

One of the better ways to get the bus after school is walking through this mosque. The strangest idea hit me today. So my dad is pretty islamaphobic and I’m not mad at him for it – it’s just how he sees the world. But I was wondering if I converted to islam secretly would I get mad if he badmouthed my religon. Logically I wouldn’t, why would i? But I have a feeling it would piss me off. 

Why? Because I’m invested in it. Once I’ve made the choice part of my self identity is tied in with it and any affront to the religion is one against myself. The solution to all this? Maybe just to cut ties with the rest of the world and become peaceful and never get mad but for some reason I think that would make me more mad. 

Become an ardant feminist, liberal, name whatever person who literally cannot stand any personal criticism – honestly I’m halfway there and I’ve already got a blog. 

Just to say I’m not converting to Islam any time soon, I really like eating pork. 


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