Ice Cold Steve

I know it’s probably meant to be stone cold Steve Austin but honestly I have no idea who that is. Like I was reading the comments on white iverson the other day and they were talking about how well known allen iverson is – I had no clue who the guy was and I’m not really interested in finding out. 

So for a few weeks id stopped cold showers. I’d made an executive decision that keeping all my toes was something that I preferred over a little more T and something to blog about. 

The last few days have honestly been awful. I’d gone from literally 100% on proactive and beast mode to a literal marshmallow incapable of its own distress. I ended up listening to some podcast last night as I was playing piano and the guys were chatting about the benefits of cold showers and how it could change your life. 

Perhaps this was it. The thing that I had believed did nothing for me that was actually a key to my success. I had feared the first time back after a break would be awful but honestly it was like it usually was, a little unpleasant but bearable and quite nice once you started naturally warming up again. 

I was a lot happier today I’ll give it that. I think I’m more alert but time will tell. I think I’ll go back to cold showers with the occasional hot one every now and then so I don’t lose all my toes. 


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