Came To Life

Sotd: lethal bizzle. I’ll be straight with you. I’ve never heard a single lethal bizzle song and I have no idea who he is but when I thought to myself what should I do for this sotd I thought of that name. Perhaps its an omen – perhaps not – who cares.

I took a three hour break after the hard work of writing that title and opening line and did some work and thought about things I needed to do to stand out because apparently I’m not as unique as I thought I was, or perhaps I just need be better at making mundane shit sound cool. Instead of daily blogger, say I’m a proprietor of a content company that creates daily pieces as well as also being a creative partner in an international blogging network. Selling spinners online goes to, owner and chief creative officer at Vita Fugit Designs.

Enough of that literal horse shit. lets talk about dreams. I was listening to this lovely tape by Julien Blanc, the most hated man in the world for a solid 10 minutes. he talks about being your own hero and honestly I’m sure it’s great but something in the first 5 minutes caught my attention. This idea of the dream being better than the reality and it’s an idea I agree wholeheartedly with. The whole concept is that people are often just so absorbed in the idea and the glory of getting something done that they prefer it to actually trying and doing it. I had this last summer when I wanted to make a video a la justin escalona style. I loved the idea, I could picture the likes coming in, I could see the music and cinematics perfectly syncing up. then I started actually doing it and it was goddamn awful- I stopped before I even started.

That’s the point of it, you have to be ready to get better and not expect perfection. my first few blog posts were sanctimonious trash, they still are but maybe one day. My first week of cold showers yielded almost no benefit but I still did them. It is funner to think of the dreams but dreams are just that. There’s no substance, nothing anyone else can see or that you can actually experience.

I think one idea that keeps popping into my head when I write about this is faith. Having faith that eventually you can bring your dreams to life and manifest that shit.


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